CFC INC/ Martin Pelmore Preventing Identity Theft

CFC INC/ Martin Pelmore Preventing Identity Theft
“Identity theft” means that someone uses elements of your identity, such as your name, Social Security number, date of birth, or other identifying information, without authority, typically to commit fraud. A classic example is someone using your information to obtain credit or get a loan. For further information, take a look at
Don’t make it easy on “identity-thieves”. With the use of a little bit of common sense, months, even years of trouble can be averted.
Never pre-print your Social Security Number (SSN) on checks or any other pre-printed forms. It is too easy for “identity-thieves” to get that information, fraudulently obtain credit in your name, and severely damage your credit.
Also, if your driving license uses the SSN as the driving license number, in most states, you may request that the DMV use another number instead. Most states mandate this option.
And finally, if you find yourself being asked to provide your SSN by a private business, just refuse, or write “REFUSED” in the requesting form. If they persist, demand to see their written policy requiring an SSN. Most business will have none, and cannot legitimately require you provide it. They generally will back down if you persist. In the case of an employment application, just write “provided upon hire”. Stand up for your rights, and protect your privacy.

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